Monday, May 01, 2006

mc gough revisited

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This barn was discovered while driving the country roads west of here on a sunny but cold afternoon. Photographic excursions to the McGough Road barn involve parking the car on a small pull-in at a landscapers field about an 1/8 of a mile away. From there I can walk the yellow line down the middle of the blacktop road, with nothing but the sound of wind and birds chirping in the trees.

McGough is not a well traveled road and approaching cars from the south are visible for a mile or so. Just behind the barn is a sharp turn to the east. I've yet to see4 a car approach from that direction.

The quiet and peaceful nature of this spot is unparalled. It's nature at it's most serene. It difficult though, to imagine the barn during its prime. But it's still beautiful in that divinely downslide. I often wonder what will signal the death knell for this barn - a lightning strike perhaps?


Anonymous said...

Thanks again for taking me back home. I remember this barn(I grew up a couple miles off of McGough). It looks the same. Remarkable how run down buildings reach a point where time almost stands still for them and they don't change.


srp said...

I think it is still a thing of beauty and perhaps the fact that is is on an isolated, poorly travelled road has helped preserve it from vandals.

Tim Rice said...

It is a beautiful barn. And its isolation adds to its attraction.

Sharon Delman said...

Great photo. Your wonderful description caused me to breathe deeply and listen for the birds. That's no small feat in crowded Northern California. Thanks for conveying a real sense of space with your post.