Friday, June 27, 2008



I have a fascination with manual typewriters and the start of a collection. This is a nice toy typewriter that was tucked in a tiny back room at Josie's Antiques in DeKalb.

I love the solid feel of having to strike a key with some force and the clackety-clack sound.

One of the oddest things I've ever seen is a tape of one of the original NASA launches back in the Gemini days. There, out in the sunshine covering the launch was a reporter with an old Underwood on his lap, typing away his news story.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

getting the shot


This is one of the many photographers covering the house move. Yes, this is front page news around here!

I like this shot because it shows how a photographer is always looking for an interesting angle. This young woman probably took 500 photos (or more) during the course of the day. She was doing double duty because she was also lugging around a video camera. Many of the newspaper websites include news videos.

And from my experience I'll say that photographers HATE having their pictures taken. So I'll just say, heh...heh...heh. Gotcha.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Progress Moves Homes


This is the historic Byron Kendall house. The original log portion of this home was built in 1840 and this home has been occupied at this location since that time.

Progress is marching west and the developer who owns this land has determined that this home does not fit into his plans for the property. It's on the corner of a busy road and the entrance to the commuter train station which carries passengers into the city of Chicago. My guess is that this corner will soon be home to lots of retail establishments.

The home was scheduled to be moved to it's new location on this day. As you can see the skies were threatening and there had been a heavy rain the night before and so the move was postponed.

NOTE: Thanks to all my readers for their patience. Creativity is a strange thing. You must listen to the voice that tells you "take a break". That's exactly what I needed to do and perhaps now I can begin anew. My sister e-mailed me and told me she was very weary of looking at the sheep, even though she likes sheep. And Betty Western was afraid I had fallen off the end the prairie. No, I've been busy with my other blog, At Home With the Farmer's Wife. It's where we go inside and make butter, cook, sew, knit and just follow the day-to-day happenings in the Farmer's house. Thanks for your patience.