Sunday, July 06, 2008

Farmhouse at the end of the Road


This farmhouse stands a distance back from what was once a country road, now a major highway lined with developments named fanciful things like "Settler's Cove". Never mind there are no coves within a hundred miles.

The property has undergone several incarnations. The first was as a family farm, raising all the grain to feed their cattle, cows for their milk and a vegetable garden, fruit trees and chickens to round out the diet. After that way of life passed the way of the dinosaur the property became a wholesale landscape nursery. Those businesses are moving further west and now it will become either homesites or the latest strip mall.

This photo was passed through my favorite Photoshop filter called, "Diffuse Glow". The pale blue sky disappears but it works magic on the old house and fence.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Room with a View


Here's a view from the interior of yet another decaying farmhouse.

It seems that all of a sudden these houses are being vacated by the hundreds. Directly across from this old farmhouse is a new development. And so it goes........