Saturday, March 05, 2011


Yet another farm outbuilding has collapsed.

It simply blew over when a sharp wind came in from the west.


The above photo is the far end of the building. Here's the full scene of destruction.


And another, one time useful building has met it's end.


kate said...

It always pains me to see another beautiful barn collapse when I am driving along the ridge while visitng home. My family and friends are starting to build things with old barn beams- new barns, new homes. Still, a tangible sign of loss.

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

Hi Suzanne!
I could have sworn I linked to follow you the week before our bloggirls party! I do remember commenting on a one of your posts on a barn that was falling down, maybe even this very same one pictured here? Sorry about that!
Thanks for stopping by my blog, Suzanne and thanks for your sweet comment too.
It was so nice meeting you and all the ladies that day. Time flew by and I am anxious for us all to get together again soon.
Have a lovely holiday weekend.

Shareumentarian said...

I love these, have you seen the decaying barns around winnipeg CA. There is less breaking and more warping, as if the cold and snow is slowly bending them back into the ground while the ice holds the joints together. i've seen them and been wanting to make a trip back to photograph these beautiful warped but unbroken structures

sewa mobil said...

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Merisi said...

Thinking of you and hoping that you are well and happy!