Sunday, November 05, 2006


There's alot of corn standing in the fields, waiting to be harvested.

I love the dried husks and fields of stalks still standing tall in the field. The snow will soon fly and I'm hoping all the work gets done before then.


pablo said...

I suppose that corn is still good for something. Is it cattle feed, maybe?

Zanne said...

This is field corn, or dent corn, which is used for feed, the production of fructose sugar and other uses.

Read here:

There's very little sweet corn grown in Illinois. All the grain elevators you see dotting the landscape store this dent corn, or soybeans.

teeweewonders said...

You just gave me the most wonderful feeling that autumn is really and truly here - and winter is just around the corner. I love the changing of the seasons and your picture shows why. Your blog is beautiful!

Jerry said...

Don't forget about Hoopeston, IL (The Sweetcorn Capital of the World).