Friday, November 23, 2007

tin roof

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Not rusted, but definitely dangerous.

Many of the abandoned properties in this area eventually become downright dangerous. It's not a good idea to go poking around by yourself. There are hidden dangers, such as old well or cisterns hidden under thick overgrowth. The buildings can actually collapse at any given moment.

The tin roof on this old machine shed has been pulled loose by the force of the infamous Illinois wind. It was flapping in the breeze when I arrived and one good windstorm will rip it completely off. It will go flying and become an airborne danger. Many of these properties are knocked over when they become too much of a hazard, or the local volunteer fire department burns them down for practice.

In another space and time this farm was someone's home and provided them with a living.


Rose said...

When I see buildings like this, I always think how happy it made someone to have them at one time....and wonder what stories they could tell. You just know someone was so proud to have it...

martin.a.christens said...

Love seeing your pictures. The rural life of just a generation or two ago is rapidly falling apart,glad to see it being captured on film (or pixels).
Building is an old corn crib, not a machine shed.