Wednesday, November 28, 2007

wind break

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Hidden behind the trees stands a more modern home which stands in the middle of a couple hundred acres of farm fields. The people who built this have evidently lived in the country for awhile, because when building the house they understood the necessity of planting a wind break.

The trees hug the house along the west and north sides, providing a break from the prevailing winds. And believe me, in northern Illinois the wind can be quite a problem. Unfortunately about a mile from here is a subdivision of very large homes with stand alone and naked against the approaching winter storms.

Older farmhouses were further insulated with hay bales around the foundations.


BettyWestern said...

Hi Suzanne, hope all is well out there. Can imagine that raw wind - great pics as always.

You may or may not be pleased to know I have 'tagged you for a meme' pop over to read the rules. No problem if it's not your thing.

Take care. B. X.

moos said...

And it's a great windbreak. I need a better one here.

Anonymous said...

is that the road in the foreground or a plowed field? Interesting out-of-focus look to it.


Zanne said...

Thanks Betty, I'm going to do the meme after I give it some thought. Yes, Moos - everybody needs a wind break.

Pablo, it's the plowed field in the foreground.

Mountain Dweller said...

If it gets half as windy as it does here then I can understand why they planted the trees. Great photo as usual.