Friday, March 28, 2008

more red stepstools

Here are some of the other results from the photo shoot. You can probably see what I was trying to achieve in each shot.


Black and white just didn't seem to work.


A black and white version of yesterday's shot.


The wall and ceiling to the right of the open window were in serious and interesting decay. The chair seems quite small and toy-like however.


A cropped version of the same photo.


In this version I wasn't happy with the stepstool being in the middle of the frame.

So that's it. That's the process of shooting and weeding through 130 photos, which in the world of photography is a very conservative photo shoot. Imagine wading through 1,000 or so.


shortoldlady said...

Love your pictures - I like the first one even tho it's B&W the shiny chrome from the chair stands out! Thank you for sharing!!

Lori said...

I love these and they make me think about our old farmhouse.

The red of the stool really pops and the colors of decay are so interesting. But I do like the B&W, too. Sometimes the detail shows up even moreso in them.

I think you are so talented!

Raising Country Kids said...

What about a compromise - B&W but leave the chair red w/Photoshop? I love pics like this. We have many, many abandoned houses and log cabins in our area of Montana. They always make me wonder about the families that occupied them and why they chose to leave certain items behind.

April said...

Okay, how weird is it that I'm sitting on a stool identical to that right now?

I love the curtain flowing in.

Denishé Hats said...

I love your photographs. I'm always fascinated by the decay of old houses and factories over time. Seems there are stories in every stain and fragment.

As a former graphic designer (now milliner), I can see the merits in every photo. I like the second shot more than the first because it seems to hint more at some kind of story. Plus I prefer not having the stool get lost in the cabinetry.

In the next set of three I like being able to see the ceiling. It just adds to the story. I agree with you about the chair being in the middle.

Jenni said...

I am so very glad you commented on my blog! I don't think I would have found your blog otherwise. I think I may have been to one of your others or even have it bookmarked though. I really need to organize those bookmarks better! Anyway, you seem to love a lot of the things I do from the old farmhouses and buildings in various stages of decay to the prairie fires.

I love your idea of using the red stool like this. We got my mom a stool just like that for Mother's Day or something. It's a great stool, but it really POPs here. Have you tried making any of the photos black and white with just the stool in color? That could be a pretty cool effect.