Wednesday, April 02, 2008



"Nature is proving that she can't be beaten - not by the likes of us. She's taking the world away from intellectuals and giving it back to the apes." - Robert E. Sherwood

The front page of yesterday's newspaper featured a story about the flooding conditions on the Fox River. An afternoon appointment took me to the other side of town which meant I'd be crossing the river near the dam. I was surprised that when I got out of my car I could hear the water rushing over the dam from a distance.

The water was roiling over the spillway and the ledge which serves as a spot for fishermen to stand is a good 6-7 feet under water. The water was moving very fast and instantly you're reminded of the danger and power of nature.


Here's a video shot on the movie mode of my Fuji Finepix. It's poor quality but will give you an idea of how fast the water was moving.


karl said...

the local dam is flowing and flooding the campground. some of the roofs of buildings are covered. at the dam, water usually drops fifteen feet now it just tumbles a couple. the last two months have reached record rain fall--since they have been keeping track.

people would already be clamoring at noahs gangplank if these were biblical times.

Anonymous said...

And they still claim there is a global warming.... crazy! Just wanted to mention also that nature is nothing without the power of God. People like to say nature is very powerful, but it wouldn't be if it weren't for God (it would not even exist!). Good Day.