Monday, September 24, 2007


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Many people have reported hearing the corn squeak. I have yet to hear that from the cornfield, but you know it's fall when the corn begins to rustle.

It's always windy here in northern Illinois and nothing is more reassuring that the heat of summer will soon be gone that a field full of drying corn.

One of the farmers has started harvesting but it seems awfully early to me, and his corn is somewhat still green. There's a science to harvest and it involves the moisture content.

NOTE: Thanks to all who continue to visit and comment. The posts have been infrequent due to the continuing demolition/remodeling project after the basement flood.


pablo said...

I'm here every day -- at least once a day. You're worth waiting for.

Zanne said...

Oh Pablo......what can I say?
Thanks friend!

sugarcreekfarm said...

Interesting - we've been harvesting here for a good couple of weeks already. Earlier than normal, but the moisture content was low enough to warrant it.

Ang. said...

Harvest is well underway here as well. We are always about 2 weeks ahead of our northern neighbors. But it is very early to be in the fields at any rate. The lack of rain accounts for it here. Most farmers here have been able to store or sell their grain without the aid of a dryer bin. It is just that dry! Will you be visiting Sycamore for the Pumpkin Fest in a month?

KatKit13 said...

The breeze rustling through dried corn is one of my all time favorite sounds - soothing for the soul.

And I hope that the demo project isn't too painful. :)

vintagechica said...

Im here and on...and dont have time to comment all the time...but Im here!