Sunday, September 30, 2007


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These concrete structures are all that's left of a railroad line that ran through this area. The passage of time has dimmed the realization of how important the railroads were to the development of this country. Towns were made or broken on the decision of where the rails would be laid.

A little further east of here the rail bed is now a jogging and bike path.


pablo said...

I love these kinds of ruins (or remains). I especially like to come upon them in some wild, seemingly unlikely place and have the sudden realization that busy lives were lived in the area despite how things seem today.

Very evocative photo (but all of yours are!)!

Ang. said...

I am curious where this is. It reminds me of where the Kish turns north on the west edge of Sycamore at West Old State Rd. Am I right? :)

Zanne said...

You're exactly right! There's a large gravel pull-off area. It seems to be a place for fishing during the day and nonsense at night.

Ang. said...

That's the place. Do I win a prize? LOL! Even though I grew up in Sycamore, I have not once stopped at that pull-off. I am glad that at least there is one thing that is still the way it has always been.

Ang. said...

I meant to add that I can remember when those tracks were used and when they were taken out.