Tuesday, November 15, 2005

day and night

When conditions are right and it's time to harvest the machinery runs day and night. The large rigs nowadays have banks of lights and GPS systems.

This farmer had stopped for awhile, leaving his equipment in the middle of an already harvested corn field. If he's been working they would be a large 18-wheeler grain hauler sitting at the edge of the field or in the field if it was dry.


andrea said...

Had to smile at the flag. Only in America!

Floridacracker said...

I worked harvest seasons for 6 summers as a teen. Minimum wage was $1.48 / hour when I started and barely crept up during those 6 years.
We made a ton of money (for the time) though, because we worked ALL the time. Work 18 hours, go home for a few hours sleep, back at it...I could make more in May and June than my burger flipping friends made all year with their puny work week.
By July, harvest was over, I had cash, and could surf the summer away.

abe/happy said...

you actually got out of bed for $1.48 an hour ~ that seems like slave labour to me!

our minimum wage is not under $5.00 or it may be more now as that was when I was a teen nearly 20 years ago.

srp said...

I slaved in a nursing home two summers for $1.75. Of course that was 32 years ago.

I think the flag really tops the photo off.

Floridacracker said...

1971-1977 era, gas was $0.33/gallon. A brand new AMC Gremlin was $1800.00.

It's all relative.

Anonymous said...

I married a farmer 15 years ago. Although the work is hard I know where my man is. I have learned to drive things that I didn't know even existed.

The pictures are great. I am so glad I found you, it has brought back interesting memories.