Thursday, August 10, 2006


The tiny old farmhouse literally glows in the late afternoon light. It reminds me of those villages in Greece, glowing white under the clear Mediterranean sunlight.

And what you can't see is the carpet of McMansions just behind the lovely little house with it's cheery windowboxes. I bet the rooms inside this home are cozy and warm.


Anonymous said...

This building is home to Country Garden Cuisine, a cooking school owned by Penny Newkirk.

Surrounding the house are herb and vegetable gardens that supply Penny's classes.

The interior of the house has a beautiful sitting room in period design. Through the dining area, you then ennter the kitchen, which is the setting for all classes.

Your local LaFox resource...

Zanne said...

Yes, yes, yes!! I knew that somewhere in the back of my old brain. Penny has been featured in the local newspaper and I've been meaning to take one of her classes. That is something I'll definitely add to my "to do" list. And....I'll have to take some photos and post them here on the farmers wife!

Thanks for jogging my memory.