Sunday, December 03, 2006


We took a bit of time on our trip to visit and inventory our family cemetery. There are many Nesbitt cemeteries dotted across the land between here and the Charlotte/Dickson area where the four Nesbitt brothers settled after the Revolutionary War.

This is our family cemetery, established by my great-great-grandfather Samuel. We photographed each headstone and made notes and will enter the information on the Tennessee cemetery list associated with one of the Gen Web projects.

The slaves were buried at the bottom of the hill and many of the stones have deteriorated, so our cousin has erected a marker in memory of all the forgotten ones buried here.

My grandfather, an itinerate carpenter, built the resting place for him and his two wives, having lost both due to complications in childbirth. Rest in peace - Newton Larkin Nesbitt, Lena Boone Nesbitt and Edna Britt Nesbitt.


Anonymous said...

I just happened upon this blog and am trying to figure out who you are. I remember Uncle Newt well and it sounds like he was your grandfather.
Obviously, he was my great uncle. He often stayed next door to my childhood home with my grandparents, Jim and Ruth Nesbitt. I would love to have more information about who takes care of the Nesbitt cemetary on Shiloh Cannaan Road.
Carol (now in Memphis)
formerly of Palmyra

Zanne said...

Hi Carol - My mom was Mr. Newt's daughter. Although she was born in Palmyra she was raised in Chicago after her mother died. We would stay with your grandparents Jim and Ruth sometimes when we'd come to Tennessee. I remember Mary Lou. The Nesbitt cemetery is cared for by Edie Nesbitt Nolan's daughter Nita and her husband Gene. E-mail me and we can talk further.