Monday, August 13, 2007

the weaver

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While in Hannibal we walked into a storefront and found Nancy Lee Kaufman hard at work on her loom. Her shop was filled with beautiful items including jackets and ruanas.

The tags on her items read "Santa Fe & San Diego", so I asked her if she also had shops there. She's been out west for 30 years or so and has just recently returned to the midwest, relocating her base of operations.

We chatted for awhile and Nancy told me that it was time to leave the vast expanses of the west and envelope herself as she put it, "in the nurturing qualities of the midwest."

We were lucky to find her at work that day, because her shop hours are by chance or by appointment.


pablo said...

This photo reminds me a great deal of a shop I saw in Muscatine. Yarn and knitting supplies (and knitted products) filled the place.

Zanne said...

It was wonderful and Nancy was really flying on that loom! In the short time we were chatting she had finished INCHES of the work. That's impressive for a knitter who takes forever to complete the same mileage. And...that's not a necklace around her neck, it's a tape measure.

Sounds like Muscatine is a place I'm going to have to visit. Is that in Iowa?

pablo said...

Yes, Muscatine is in Iowa right on the Mississippi River. Kind of southwest of the Quad Cities. Fascinating pearl button history/museum there.