Saturday, October 01, 2005


The thing about living in a small town is that you know just about everyone. That can be good and that can be bad. There's an intertwining of personal stories, a complicated interweaving of lives and relationships. Even if you don't know a person, chances are there's only one or at the most two degrees of separation.

It was a clear, beautiful morning, and on my way to run some errands I stopped at the Lily Lake Cemetery which stands at the top of a small rise at the edge of our small town. The highest point is at the back where the narrow paved path turns to curve back down to the road.

I stop and visit Cody's grave now and then. He was a high school friend of my daughters who was killed in car accident. I walked around and looked at the names on the headstones, all familiar - Eckstrom, Hanson and other names that represent founders of this farming community.

I spotted "Sportsman". I didn't know that Garry was buried here in Lily Lake. He was a co-worker of mine, a wonderful man. Garry was one of those guys who worked with a smile on his face (he was the maintenance man at our office building). He never complained, and was what you would say a quiet, simple man.

And here on his headstone was something I never knew about Garry. He served in VietNam and earned a Bronze Star. He was an honest and hard working man.....and he is missed.


andrea said...

I have a grave I like to visit regularly at a small local graveyard (full of the names of the Norwegian and Danish fisherfolk who populated this area) of a 6-year old boy, and now I have a better camera to do what you've done! After researching and your advice, I have bought a Fuji model as well. I can hardly wait to start playing with it.

Anonymous said...

Kind of eerie that this photo is the first in which I get to see a glimpse of you.

When I get back to St. Louis, I sometimes visit the grave of my boyhood friend who died at 15 of cancer. One bad thing after another for him, culminating in a hospital death. His last words were "I just want to get into Heaven." I hope that his faith sustained him. There sure was nothing else in his favor.

Okay, now I'm all melancholy.


(why does blogger hate me?)

merlinprincesse said...

This is a very moody shot. I like the subject. I'm a very ordinary person, but I like to go to cemetaries. Nice atmosphere. I always find it quiet and favourable to meditation. Another think I love about this pic is your reflection. Puts a mysterious spot of color in your photo.