Thursday, October 20, 2005


Nothing says fall to me like shocks of corn stalks. You only see them nowadays bunched around mailboxes in fancy subdivisions, tastefully arranged displays with pumpkins and scarecrows from the local craft store.

Every fall the Chicago Tribune publishes a old piece of artwork called "Injun Summer". In the first frame a grandfather and his grandson look out over the field, with corn shocks standing and a low mist rising. In the next frame it's twilight and the scene transforms. The shocks are teepees and the mist is smoke from the campfire and Indians dance around the fire.


srp said...

Love the barn, the rustic stained boards and the background red color. All your photos are so wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I remember the "Injun Summer" front cover of the Chicago Tribune's magazine and have recently begun to search for it. I didn't receive any helpful information when I e-mailed the Tribune! So, I just typed in corn shocks and teepees and your blog popped up! WOW was I surprised! You have the title right there. Now I am going to type in "INJUN instead of Indian and see what I can find!