Sunday, October 02, 2005


For the next week or so I'll share the photographs taken today at Garfield Farm Museum's Harvest Fest. This wonderful operation is run by two full-time employees and an army of committed volunteers. There were lots of wonderful photo ops, and hopefully I captured some of interest.

This gentleman was dressed as an acultured Pottawatomie indian. I was quite surprised to find as this man walked away from me, that his upper legs were actually naked. He was wearing a loin cloth and some very different half-pants.

Indians, including my great-grandmothers tribe the Seminoles, acquired bits of culture as they were exposed to white settlers. They pick and chose which dandy clothing items to incorporate into their wardrobe. In the case of the Seminoles, who were originally Creek indians, included bits of Caribbean and Cuban elements, since they traded heavily with those people. Seminoles sported turbans and silver gorgets.

This gentleman wears a hat, a Christian cross, silver coins and more. The Pottawatomies inhabited the Fox River Valley before being forced west by the advance of settlers.


pablo said...

I knew of a French re-enactor down at Fort de Chartes who was so precise in his costume that he traveled to France to a historical museum so that he could count the stitches per inch in an antique blouse similar to the one he was making for his costume.

(I knew the "effigy mound" title would capture your attention. Didja ever get that email I sent you weeks ago?)

pablo said...

Also, my brother and his family live in Chicago, and I make occasional trips up there. Next time I am, it's a date!

Zanne said...

No Pablo...I still didn't get an e-mail from you. Sigh. Does e-mail hate you too?

Sandra said...

This sould be an interesting segment. Nice background composition.

srp said...

The colors are so vibrant. Great. Hope it wasn't too cold today.

Margaret said...

I'm finally visiting your wonderful blog. I love this photo!