Thursday, October 06, 2005

gone fishing....again

I'm leaving tomorrow for Maryland. Going fishing for some crab. Or is it crabbing for some crab? This picture was actually taken off the shrimp boat docks in McClellanville, South Carolina one of my other "gone fishing" adventures.

I'm meeting up with some old friends in Baltimore and we're going to eat all the crab cakes that we can find.

Perhaps I'll find some interesting things to photograph out east. You never know.



Sandra said...

Have a great time on your trip! Of course you'll find things to photograph. I bet your camera is the first thing you pack!

srp said...

Have a good time. This looks quite "fishy" (pardon the bad pun). Paul over at Writing from the Hip has also posted a "GONE FISHING" sign. You two aren't up to something now are you?

Floridacracker said...

Enjoy the crabs. What a traveler you are!

Juli said...

Good for you! Several years ago a DC friend took me to her friend Mo's. Mo was a B'more transplant who threw an annual crab fest. The neighborhood was blocked off for this dinner that became a full weekend bash for her friends and neighbors. It was then that I had my first crack *yes, pun intended* at Baltimore crabs. I can now wear the official uniform of the event, the tshirt that reads: I GOT CRABS FROM MO.


Sonia said...

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poopie said...

Ummm crab..YUMMY!