Thursday, March 29, 2007

cafe curtains

The farmhouse on Hughes Road was abandoned some time ago. It's difficult to determine how long it's been standing empty. I've stood at the edge of the road to photograph the barn but until today I've never actually ventured into the property to examine the buildings up close.

The windows are all broken and the elements have taken their toll. The once clean cafe curtains escape through the open window to the outside.

NOTE: On the right hand side you will notice I've added a link to the Iowa Corn Cam. They won't be planting for awhile yet, but start checking it out and join in as we all watch the corn grow!


pablo said...

Like looking at a Wyeth painting.


Beverley, UK said...

Congrats on achieving the 100K Zanne. I'm across the pond in West Sussex, England if you want to add me to your 'mental atlas'.

Adore your photos and as I think I've said before, thoroughly empathise with the plight of your rural communities being destroyed by urban sprawl. You are not alone. On a smaller scale, we have not only the same dreadful incursions but what beautiful semi-rural areas we do have, are being blighted by road signs, pedestrian signs, speed signs, cyclists signs, signs to point out beauty spots (!), and my pet hate, road side 'shrines'.

I sure as hell hope that if my time ends at the roadside, I'll be commemorated somewhere more serene! Heck, stick me on the bonfire but pleez don't tie a bunch of plastic tulips to a street lamp!

Zanne said...

Wow Pablo, thanks! I think it's the colors, they look old.

Beverly, I'm glad you like my photos. For some reason I was under the impression that we were the only ones experiencing this kind of decay and loss. While cruising through Flickr I found some groups that record rural decay and to my surprise it's a worldwide phenom. Someone in Spain decried the fact that the young people are going off to school and jobs in the city. The old family homes are simply falling to ruin. Same all over the world I guess.