Saturday, March 17, 2007


The Norton burial crypt is tucked into a low hillside just across the road from the Norton family farm. At one point in time the road was a simple trail, but now it's one of the busiest highways in the county. In it's entirety it stretches from the shore of Lake Michigan in Chicago to the Mississippi River.

I've photographed this spot before and it seems to me that they've installed a new gate. The farm property directly opposite is used to sell produce in season, animal feed and other items. Since I don't drive this route regularly I was very surprised to see that the old white farmhouse is GONE. Poof! Grass covers the area and it looks like the farmhouse never existed. The outbuildings and greenhouse remain and the business is open from spring to fall.

It always seems to me that someone returning years later would be totally disoriented. It's happened to me and it's quite unnerving.

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Lori said...

I used to drive by our old farmhouse once or so a year. I'll never forget the time I went by and the house was gone. Further down the driveway and in a new spot was a beautiful new house. But it seemed out of place.

I cried, simply wanting the small, two-story framed house that was filled with memories, laughter, love and was truly a home.