Monday, March 19, 2007

the dead zone

Apologies to Stephen King for the use of the phrase, but in this case it is apropos. This is a very large and very dead tree which stands very close to a busy country road.

A farmer once told me to remember that the long horned steers head is as large as his horns will reach. That thought applies also to this dangerous tree. The dead zone is the circumference of the area surrounding the tree in the possible "fall zone". Because this behemoth will fall. Maybe not this week or next but possibly during the next big thunderstorm.

The house hidden in the woods behind is waiting for an estate to be settled (we believe) and the entire property is overgrown and tangled. Maybe there's a gingerbread house and an old witch waiting back there somewhere.


Lori said...

I always hate to see the big trees die. There are so many years in their making and a history hidden in each branch.

I like to imagine, too, the 'what if's' of what is lurking in the woods or old, abandoned places.

pablo said...

I have a big dead tree much like this one beside my road in Roundrock. Someday i'll have to deal with it, and when it comes down, it's going to take part of the fence with it.

Good luck on the 100,000th visitor. Only in my dreams or my dotage will I ever see that number.


Zanne said...

Heck Pablo, one of my Chicago Photoblogger buddies gets 1,500 + visitors a DAY. Only in my dreams.

Lori - this property is very spooky.