Tuesday, January 08, 2008



Yes, it's that kind of day today. The ugly part of winter has come quickly, washing away the beautiful white snow that at least made the landscape interesting.

The beige curved smudge in the center of this photo is the very beginning of Indian Creek. For most of the year it's a damp depression in the woods. During heavy rains it fills up quickly.

If you remember quite awhile back I pondered about the possibilities of travel using Indian Creek as a starting point. This trickle of water eventually leads to all the oceans of the world, by way of connecting with progressively large streams and rivers. At some point we'd reach the Mississippi and the Gulf of Mexico. Just think of the adventures we could have on the open seas.


BettyWestern said...

Still a great photo.

Jessica said...

What a cool pic! Your window must be very clean :-)

Leslie said...

A timely post. I was driving in the rain just a few days ago and thinking how "impressionistic" it made the world look.