Monday, January 29, 2007

the children

Here is why we support Dr. Morquette, our church and the World Relief Organization's work in Haiti....because of the children.

My father visited Haiti in 1951 and not much has changed over the years. It has gotten worse perhaps because in the intervening years the countryside has been stripped of trees in the search for fuel for cooking. Haiti has perhaps the lowest doctor per capita ratio in the western hemisphere. I've searched for those numbers unsuccessfully, but let's just say you'd be shocked. It's one doctor per thousands and thousands of individuals.

We support Dr. Morquette and his efforts because we don't believe in ever giving up and we believe that the future of this place lies in it's children. Through Dr. Morquette's efforts these children are receiving an education and perhaps they will continue in the west or in Europe and then return as he and his wife Junie have, to make a difference in their country.

Many thanks to my guest photographer Tony Pecararo, and to him and the other volunteers who spend their vacations and share their talents to try and make Haiti a better place.


Beverly said...

Don't you love the smiles on their faces! Thanks for sharing these.

There is a webite, Windows on that has great photos from many different folks.

Nathalie said...

You are right!
Children are the future and education and love are the key!
I sponsor a child and her community in Ethiopia for the same reasons.
Greetings from Sydney Australia