Sunday, January 14, 2007

used christmas

You simply have to wonder how a slightly used Christmas tree found it's way into the middle of a harvested cornfield.

The Christmas tree is resting quite a distance from the road and there are no tire marks in the damp and unfrozen soil. Illinois is renowned for its winds, but we certainly haven't had anything significant enough to blow a Christmas a long distance. To drag the tree into the middle of the field would require a great expense of energy, certainly more than would be required to dispose of the tree properly.

And so the mystery remains just that - a used Christmas mystery.


pablo said...

Still, I would go with the wind doing the job. We had some pretty strong winds around KC a few nights ago. Maybe the deed was done while you were slumbering.

Tamsen said...

Nothing so sad as a Christmas tree- a symbol of such joy and happiness and after a brief moment in time, used and discarded like a pet no one loves or a stuffed animal a child has outgrown.