Wednesday, January 10, 2007

ice raft

Water still moves swiftly down the Fox River. Usually ice bound, the frozen areas reach less than an arms length from shore. A driftwood log marks the boundary between open water and a paper thin layer of ice.

As the water passes quickly along the small ice shelf it makes a strange noise, something akin to styrofoam rubbing together. Frozen water forms a chandelier on thin branches.


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Anonymous said...

Here too there is no snow and no ice. We are further south but we are certainly not having anything like the winters I remember from my youth. Global warming? I imagine mother nature still has some snow in store for you.
ps I've missed your daily postings. Your photos are so enjoyable.

Bighappyfunhouse said...


(Your camera is in the mail.)

pablo said...

It's been years, but I can still remember the sound of the great rafts of ice behind the lock/dams on the Mississippi grinding together.