Wednesday, April 27, 2005

baby doll

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There are plenty of unusual breeds of livestock across the country. This is a special breed, photographed at last years Rare Breeds Show at the local museum farm. This is a Southdown Baby Doll Sheep, a miniature breed. They all appear to be smiling. Although sheep look very soft, the wool is actually coarse and feel oily, due to the large amount of lanolin in the wool.


Gary said...

I've become a daily reader (er, looker) of your two blogs. Great shots that always touch me. I've been wanting to ask, though, what you're using to shoot these and whether you digitally tweak them when posting. :-)

obfuse said...

i like this blog!
very "country style" :-)

btw, do you live in Illinois?

Zanne said...

Yes, I live in northern Illinois. Actually only 60 miles away from one of the largest cities in the world - Chicago.

Gary...I have 4 cameras, but almost everything is shot either with a Fuji S5000 or a Nikon D70. I am new to an SLR, and there's definitely much to be learned. I do adjust, clone, etc. in Photoshop. There's another thing with a large learning curve. I'm just trying to learn more about Photoshop.

Thanks for the comments. They are always appreciated. - Suzanne

Laura-Ann said...


That's a very cute lamb there! Aren't they so adorable? And look so happy with that lovely little smile on their faces. I got a picture of a little black one smiling while sunbathing on the same day that I took the one I put on Photofriday.

The farms in America have such a different look to those in England. Most of the farms round here don't have animals, only vast quantities rape seed, most of which has to be sold off to Europe for little or no profit for the farmer.

Thanks for commenting on my weblog :)

Stephen said...

Zanne: That sheep is the cutest darn thing I've ever seen. I'll have to get one of those for my birthday.

Zanne said...

Stephen - the woman had a whole pen full of these sheep, all with the red bandanas. You don't know how hard it was not to bring one home. One thing I don't need is PET livestock. Search out "Southdown Baby Doll Sheep" on a search engine and you can learn all about them. - Suzanne

fab feline said...

Being a city girl, the only time I ever see lamb is when they're baked or roasted with a side of rice and vegetables. This is such an adorable photograph!

pilgrim said...

How sweet!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, how incredibly cute. I found your site by doing a search for sheep in Illinois. I have a little place in Plano, Illinois but was actually doing the search for my friend who runs Peck Farm Park in Geneva. She asked me because I have a menagerie on my 3 acres and it's been fun to look for her. Do you sell them too, or where did you buy yours from?

Judy said...

Sorry, I didn't mean to leave an "anonymous" comment. It looks so menancing to see that word "anonymous" as if I have something to hide!

Zanne said...

No problem Judy! Anonymous is fine, but linking to you allows me to contact you with what little information I have about the Southdown sheep.

This little cutie is not mine, although I was tempted to bring him home. He was a display at Garfield Farm Rare Breed Show.

- Suzanne

Zanne said... e-mail on your link.

Here's a link to the Baby Southdown North American Society. There are some breeders close by, one in Illinois.

Thanks for stopping at my blog. If you cruise the archives you should find plenty of pictures of Peck Farm Park. I work just around the corner from there.

Tim Rice said...

Neat photo. So cuddley, it almost makes me think of a stuffed animal. :)

Babette said...

question- my husband and I have baby doll southdown sheep and are interested in knowing where the Rare Breed Show was, very few fairs have a class for us to show off our wonderful "babies". We would love to contact this museum and be able to share our sheep with others as they are adorable and such fun to raise.

Suzanne said...

Hi Babette - The Rare Breeds show is at Garfield Farm & Museum in LaFox, Illinois. It's about 45 miles west of Chicago. Here's their website:

You can check their calendar. The Rare Breeds show is usually in the spring I believe. It's alot of fun and exhibitors come from out of state for this one.

- Suzanne