Tuesday, April 26, 2005

snow fence

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Snow fencing is rolled into large bundles at stacked on end at the edge of a field. It's work, protecting the roadway from large drifiting, is done for yet another season. Someone has removed the fire numbers from the end of the driveway and leaned against the rolls of fence. The property is abandoned, and the old farmhouse was recently demolished. There's nothing left for the volunteer firemen to save here. One by one, the old homestead disintigrate and pass into history. Old timers driving through this area would find their familiar landmarks gone.


Juice said...

Great point of view in the last two shots. It's always nice to see a photograph that depicts how important it is to move in and find the best position for a shot.

obfuse said...

i like this one!
the colours are pretty good, and the focus is great!