Sunday, April 17, 2005


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Church provides more than just a chance to celebrate our faith, it serves a social function. When you live separated from your neighbors by several miles, it's a chance to catch up on your lives and what's happening in your community. This area was originally settled by German and Swedish immigrants, and most of the old churches are Lutheran, reflecting that heritage. This is the original St. John's Lutheran, built in the 1800's. The congregation has moved across the road into a modern brick building. This building spent some time as an antique store and now it's the Shridi Sai Temple, the spiritual home to followers of the Shri Sai Baba, who was an Indian holy man & healer. Great diversity is the hallmark of a large urban area, but it's a new concept to rural communities. It seems odd to see the saffron colored flag flying outside a traditionally protestant building, out in the middle of nowhere, but no matter, they are good neighbors and we're glad to see the old church is once again a place of faith.


Lara Barrett said...

What a beautiful building! It reminds me of a small church I was a part of in college--we met in another church's building, which looked very similar to this one, only much less well cared for. This looks like it could almost be brand new--not bad for being over 100 years old!

Chris B said...

great lines, nice cropping, cool sky.

Stephen said...

I love the steeple against the sky. It is a very spiritual shot. Awesome job.