Monday, April 11, 2005

tilling the field

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The weather has taken a final turn into spring and it's time to start tilling the field in preparation for the new crop. The remnants of the last corn harvest are disked under. Fertilizer will be applied and seed will be planted. I was driving along County Line Road one fall and witnessed a fantastic sight. A farmer was turning the soil, which was still warm under the surface. When the warm black topsoil was exposed to the cool air, it created a cloud of steam, which rose from the field in a mysterious shroud. I had a realization at that moment, that I needed to learn to use a camera and make an attempt to capture some of the beauty of rural America.

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Insomniac_Scott said...

Damn, what nice pictures. Seriously your blog reminded me of the scenery in films like "The Wizard of Oz". Anyways it's alot different to the big city that I'm sitting in here in the UK! Keep it up!