Monday, April 25, 2005

sky blue

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The clear blue sky is reflected in the broken glass of an old abandoned building. The azure reflection look out of place with the old, peeling paint. My eyes were transfixed on the dark space behind the glass, half expecting to see some ghostly image appear.


Maxime said...

Very simple shot, at first glance; in fact a very clever use of colors and lines. Each component inside the frame finds its true and only place: vanishing lines of planks leading to the clouds and reflections in the broken windows.
It sounds somehow like desolation in paradise.
I greatly appr├ęciate almost all of your posts - but this one a bit more.
Obviously you can see what other eyes can't see. Thank you much for sharing your sight.

btezra said...

~xlnt catch w/ the blues and its relfex in the windows!~

Lara Barrett said...

Such a beautiful shot! The blues are wonderful, both in the actual sky and in its reflection, and I love the sad yet cheerful feel of this house. Nice composition!

miles said...

Wonderful, I love the decay and that beautiful blue. This shot is spot on.

erica said...

ha! yeah, i thought of The Ring when I saw it.
beautiful, though. :)