Thursday, April 21, 2005

springtime work

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With the farmhouse and barns in the distance, a farmer pulls fertilizer tanks behind the tractor, completing one part of the work involved in putting in a crop. The grassy areas are low spots, purposely left untilled. During heavy spring rainfalls the runoff makes its way down to the center of the green spiral and the thirsty grass replenishes itself, allowing the seeded field to take hold.

I'm always amazed by the strong graphic patterns created in the farming process. Sinuous furrows reach to the horizon and the blackness of the Ilinois soil provides a backdrop to the swirling galaxy of green.

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pilgrim said...

Great photo. I love how the image is divided in three perfect planes, the green/black foreground, the tan middle and the misty homestead background.
Lovely patterns to take a picture from the air!