Saturday, April 16, 2005

easter morning

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On Easter morning I left the house early, allowing some extra time to stop at the Lily Lake cemetery before heading to church. I wanted to visit Cody's grave and leave a small bunch of lilies. Someone had been there and left roses. It's good to know that people still visit after 6 years. It's odd that I make the time to stop if I'm driving past. Cody was a good friend of my daughters, but he never really let me get to know him well. I always felt that Sarah was safe with him, as they rode off on their snowmobiles. He was a good little shade tree mechanic and I knew that if her sled broke down he'd be able to fix it for her. A death such as his is such a waste. Alcohol and fast cars don't mix. As I turned to leave, the sun was pouring gold over the field, and the distant farm was bathed in a soft light. I stopped for one more moment, to record the scene and remember a young man who left too soon.


Chris B said...

gold / brown / green / blue. Great lines and forms.

Stephen said...

Land like this is so beautiful to photograph. I took for granted the fields in Georgia where I use to live. Such potential!

Steven Pfaff said...

This farm belonged to the Springinsguth's, I believe. The barn was recently lost in a fire.