Sunday, September 25, 2005


Light streaming through windows on the opposite side of the church illuminate the stained glass from the inside out.

The artisans who created windows throughout the midwest are long gone, and intricate glass work seems to be a thing of the past for new church construction, except for the larger and more financially secure faith communities.

Newer churches in the area resemble more of a multi-purpose middle school gymnasium.

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srp said...

You are so right. There was a shop in Columbus, MS that still does stained glass. They lament that new church construction doesn't allow funding for the gorgeous glass of the past. My cousin in southern Illinois tries to reclaim these windows from the small country churches when the termites have made them unusable.

One of my goals is to purchase a piece of stained glass from that shop in MS, perhaps one of their special works using depression glass plates. If money were no object I would have them do a couple of windows in my next home.

This is lovely.