Wednesday, September 21, 2005

farm stand peaches

The summer farmstands will be in business through the fall, when they will be selling pumpkins, squash and Indian corn.

All it takes to set up business is some type of shelter, in this case some sawhorses, boards and umbrellas. And of course a truck to get the produce to the market. This stand featured peaches, although they are not grown locally. The operators of this stand were buying at the wholesale produce market. No matter, the peaches were awesome and we finished them before evening.


Floridacracker said...

A good peach is such a wonderful thing.

pablo said...

L and I were once waiting on the Golden Eagle ferry to cross the Mississippi from Illinois to Missouri. There were a dozen or so cars watching the progress of the ferry across the great river. And there in the shade beside us was a young woman selling bags of peaches. She had found a ready market. We bought and enjoyed a bag, as did most of the other cars.

Down by Roundrock we get folks up from Arkansas who set up roadside stands to sell peaches as well.

Still, I prefer a nectarine.