Friday, September 08, 2006

the artist

While enjoying Garvan Woodland Garden in Hot Springs, we came upon this artist set up along the large pond filled with Koi.

It was a perfect spot to capture the tranquil beauty of the place.


pablo said...

We would often see painters set up near the koi pond (well, it's a lake to me) at the botanical garden in St. Louis when we would make a visit there. But I can't recall seeing one in recent years. Perhaps they have been banned. I suppose one upset easel and there could be quite a mess in the lovely garden. I also can't understand how they can work in direct sunlight. It must distort how the paint looks on the canvas as well as fade the color of the pigment almost immediately. But I'm no painter.

Zanne said...

I'm not an artist either Pablo, but this is such a heavily wooded area that the sunlight is more dappled. Hot Springs has a large artists community and lots of art galleries and you see artists working in different locations.