Sunday, September 24, 2006

goat talk

For those of you within driving distance of northern Illinois, make plans to attend Garfield Farm & Museum's Fall Harvest Days.

Jerry Johnson, his staff and army of dedicated volunteers provide a day of fun and education. Last year there was live music, candle dipping, cooking, corn shelling spinning and more. This year Reid Miller, tall tale storyteller, will be there as well as a sheep dog demonstration and other interesting peeks into the way a farm operated in the past.

The exciting news this year is that it appears an archaeological team has located the location of the original log cabin. Some small artifacts have already been discovered. Somone will be on hand to explain the "dig".

Bring the kids, bring a picnic lunch or try the catered food that is offered for a small charge. Look for me, I'll have at least two cameras around my neck.


srp said...

How far is this from Chicago?

Zanne said...

It's about 45 miles west of Chicago. Just east of DeKalb, Illinois.

Ava said...

Sounds like it would be a lot of fun.

I'm in Quincy, IL

pablo said...

That guy looks a lot like a young John Updike. There. I said it.

Floridacracker said...

Sounds good. The cabin dig is especially interesting.

Zanne said...

srp - I see it would be quite a hike for you. Perhaps there's a similar event in your area. Virginia ought to have lots of historical preservation groups.

Ava - About 4 hours. It's very cool and worth the drive. The music last year was wonderful. See the next photo in my series.

Pablo - Oooops. I think this was actually a woman.

Cracker - They have been looking for the location of the original log cabin for the last 25 years. Only in the last few have they had the funds to bring in ground radar and a professional archaeological team. My friend, a world class anthropologist is attending with me on Sunday. We're gonna grill those archaeologists!!