Monday, September 04, 2006

the ozark

We're back from the fishing trip. It was a relaxing and interesting time spent at our secondary stomping grounds - the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas. There's a National Park in Hot Springs which protects the row of historic bath houses. Back in the day, people "took the waters" for their health.

The Fordyce is open for tours, the Buckstaff is open for baths and massages, and the others are in varying stages of being restored to their original glory.

The details of these buildings is phenomenal and the Fordyce is home to beautiful examples of the art of stained glass.


srp said...

The older architecture has such flair and detail. It is such a shame to lose all that when communities and cities renovate.

Zanne said...

These are safe due to their status as a National Park. The rest of Hot Springs is what I'd call a rough cut jewel, buildings are frozen in time due to the lack of development funds. It's in a somewhat economically depressed area. It's a treasure trove of 1950's style motels. What a project it would be to restore some of them to their previous glory....The Settle Inn, The Fountain and others.

Restoration has begun on some of the other historic properties, and I'll have to say that Hot Springs is doing a great job in this regards. They recognize that they're unique little town gets it's character from the architecture.

Ava said...

Hey! I'm from Neosho and Joplin Missouri. You were almost in my old stomping grounds. If I'm correct, I think they do wild boar hunting in the Ouachita Mountains.