Thursday, September 07, 2006

the garage

City planners, developers and architects are doing something right in Hot Springs. Their work has a definite vitality and just makes sense. It's good to see that development doesn't always get a black eye and that in the hands of talented and visionary people, the community can be a better place, not just a bigger, more congested place.

Parking has long been a problem in the small downtown area. Central Avenue is lined with the Bathhouses, shops, restaurants and galleries. Small parking lots were tucked in between the buildings and some were behind under the rock wall cliffs.

Plans were made to build a public parking garage that would allow a large number of cars to occupy a very small footprint. Not just any parking garage - but a very beautifully designed building. The Hot Springs architectural firm of French Harris was hired to produce the design.

The building has many classical elements, but the most ingenious touch is the stepped fountain which physically and visually connects the garage with Central Avenue, leading people to their destination.

One great example that development that adds to the quality of life in a community. Kudos to Hot Springs and French Harris.

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srp said...

This looks so cool and comforting. I must put this on my list of places to visit along with Seattle and Charleston.