Sunday, April 24, 2005


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Each community has an anchor, whether it be in the country or large urban area. It might be a community center, a coffeehouse, a town hall or a church. Rural areas are most often anchored by their church. Each Sunday I will attempt to show the beauty and simplicity of country churches. This is th e Wasco Bible Church, whose community is in a state of flux between rural and gentrified affluent suburbia. They are living in a tenuous balance for now.


Stephen said...

Zanne: This church reminds me of my old church in Glennville, GA (pop. 500). I love the sense off community in small towns. This is a great example of faith in small places.

Tim Rice said...

I love the architecture of this and so many church buildings. Sometime, I want to start of blog series on church buildings in Southeastern Pennsylvania. But that may wait till fall after the leaves come down again.