Sunday, October 01, 2006

chicken fricasee

Don't forget that today is Garfield Farm & Museum's Harvest Day celebration.

This is a photo from last year's event. It's chicken fricasee being prepared over an open fire in a large iron pot. This year archaeologists will be discussing the discovery of the location of the orginal 170-yr. old log cabin. Exciting stuff for the history minded.

Garfield Farm is about 40 miles west of Chicago, just off Route 38.


Anonymous said...

I don't think I've ever tried chicken fricasee. It sure looks good, though.
You forgot to mention it was your Birthday! Happy happy birthday to a very special lady!
Hugs, ~di

Zanne said...

Look who's here - the Farmers Wife Porch Sitter supreme - Diane!

Welcome, sit a spell.

srp said...

Is it your birthday? Happy Birthday.

I miss your weekly "Pictures of Faith", I just love those old churches and stained glass windows.

pablo said...

When I first saw this photo today, I thought, "Zanne really needs to update her kitchen."

So it's you're birthday!

(I miss the Sunday photos too.)

Zanne said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone. I'll have to try and amass a number of country church photos so that I can reinstate the Sunday postings. It will give me a good excuse to drive around.