Tuesday, October 10, 2006

fresh coat of paint

This barn in LaFox is part of one of the loveliest properties in the Fox River Valley area, and the original mistress of the farm was the daughter of Timothy Garfield, whose home and inn is a living history museum.

Donna, the modern day mistress of the property, has given great care to maintaining it's beauty and simplicity. Here the barn has been powerwashed and scraped in preparation for a new coat of paint. It's a example of a typical northern Illinois barn.

It brings to mind passages I read in "Slaves in the Family" by Edward Ball. The plantation owners around Charleston, South Carolina were often strapped for enough cash to have the houses painted. These were much less opulent structures than what is brought to mind when you think of southern plantation. The houses and outbuildings would quickly deteriorate in the heat and humidity of the low country. Many times all that would be holding a structure together would be a fresh coat of paint.

That's not the case in LaFox, as this is a well cared for barn. Livestock no longer calls this place home, but it's a beautiful oasis in the middle of advancing development.


Floridacracker said...

It's huge. I love the smell of a barn.

vicki said...

Now that I've made the move from Ann ARbor to Chicago I need to come further north yet and explore this area. I REALLY need to do that as urban life is still overwhelming. But this weekend it's supposed to be so chilly!

This is a beautiful barn and a lovely photo.

Zanne said...

Vicki - I live directly west of Chicago. The commuter train hgoes into Geneva, La Fox (pictured here) and the end of the line - Elburn.