Sunday, October 08, 2006


Back by popular demand is the Sunday feature, Faith. Thanks to the Porch Sitters who have requested it's return.

This is the tiny church in Lily Lake, Illinois. It stands at the edge of a large cornfield and looks out across the field towards Lily Lake Cemetery. These rural churches were built by the immigrant German and Swedish farmers who inhabited the countryside.

The sky was very blue early this morning, hours before the worshipers arrived.

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srp said...

I love the pictures in this theme. This one reminds me of the little Methodist church in Bible Grove, just down the lane from my grandparent's house. Down through the years around 30 people in the farming community attended. The circuit preacher would come two times a month and the other Sundays they just had Sunday School and singing. Half of the congregation were relatives. The church is now gone, a victim of termites; yet the stained glass windows remain, now recycled in remembrance hangings for individuals or in other churches of the area.