Sunday, October 22, 2006

new lebanon

The sun broke through the clouds this afternoon and after a small bit of shopping I decided to head west on Route 72. That took me into Hampshire and snaking my way through town I headed out in search of New Lebanon, Illinois.

Road signs point west stating in effect, New Lebanon this way. I've driven this route before and have yet to find it. A search on Mapquest later reveals that there isn't acutally a town or settlement, although a search through some local history books might reveal that there once was a small settlement named New Lebanon.

This half harvested field stands near the once-upon-a-time site.


Angie said...

New Lebanon is certainly a place that you only know if you and your family have resided in the local area for some time. Almost like Charter Grove except that there is actually still homes there.Only one more week and we will be back in our home area! Thanks for keeping me up to date on the landscape. Will you be attending Pumpkin Fest in Sycamore?

srp said...

This is somewhat like Bible Grove, although I do dimly remember a road and one stop sign and perhaps a general store at the intersection. We sent mail to Grandmother addressed to the Rural Route and Louisville, Illinois, even though they said they lived in Bible Grove.

Zanne said...

Angie - We'll see about Pumpkin Fest. The weather and the state of my cold will determine that!

SRP- There are lots and lots of places like this around here. I look and Mapquest and say...huh?...there's no town there and although I know where Big Rock is I've never seen Little Rock, Il even though it's on a map.

Ava said...


I'm back on line!!!


Zanne said...

it's about time! Go back and check the archives and check out September 25th.

Judy in Portland said...

Little Rock is actually a few miles south of Big Rock. THat's the home of the Honorable Speaker of the House. Denny H.