Wednesday, December 12, 2007

iced berries

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Yesterday we woke up to a mini-ice storm. It was nothing like the dangerous storms that hit Iowa and Missouri, although some of our trees were heavily weighed down with ice.

The temperature warmed up and it began to rain. This was our Hawthorne tree whose berries were heavily coated with ice.

MEME Fact # 3 - I've visited and climbed most of the major Mayan temples in North America, and some of the smaller ones too. We still haven't visited Copan but I'll rate the Tikal temple complex in the Peten region of Guatemala as the most impressive and magical places I've ever seen.


Val said...

Lovely photos. Your country is full of awesome trees! Thanks for the thoughtful commentaries on old farm buildings. The buildings are sad, but the loss of farm life is sadder.

Ray said...

This is a great picture! Thanks for sharing it with us!

The ice and snowstorms we had here did much the same to many of our trees.