Wednesday, December 19, 2007

perpetual Christmas


The nearby abandoned property stands in a state of perpetual Christmas. The icicle lights, swags and wreath have been in place for years, back to the time when the house was occupied. Bushes have grown and over time have literally swallowed up the entrance. As I said before, nature has gone about her business of reclamation.

A member of our neighborhood watch committee called the sheriff's office and got some information. It seems there was a burglary in progress the day of the activity. The story starts to emerge as I remember that a year ago, out of curiousity some of the neighbors stopped and looked in the windows. They mentioned major water damage in some areas due to a deteriorating roof. But the most curious thing was that they reported the house is filled, sometimes to the ceiling, with merchandise, most of it still in original packaging.

Last summer a young man drove through the area asking neighbors if they'd seen a green truck driving around. He explained that someone in a green truck had stolen stuff out of his house.....yep, the abandoned property. My son said it seemed odd because he was a very young man. Certainly not someone who could afford 3 acres and a large house.

My best guess is that it's the storehouse and base for a fencing operation. The Brothers Grimm meet the Goodfellas out on the prairie.


Rose said...

I love the picture and wouldn't you like to know the whole story behind the merchandise...a gifter story teller could write a book just from what you have told!

Anonymous said...

Nice stump.

I'd like to know the story of how the property became abandoned.


Zanne said...

I think someone mentioned that the owner died and it's tied up in the estate. The stump represents safety to me because all the other trees at the front of the property along the roadway are dead, dead, dead....and barely standing. Someone is going to be squashed like a bug someday when those things fall over.

BettyWestern said...

Mmmm, a rather more everyday tale of a warehouse/squatters den than a drugs factory. Although, you are right to want to know and undoubtedly there'll be a trail of crime leading from this set up.

Lori said...

How interesting. Isn't it sad that such a beautiful home...a home that obviously someone loved at one time, stands empty? I think of homeless families who long for such a place. It just doesn't seem right..

Anonymous said...

Just saw your blog. If this is the house on Empire Road, no one ever lived there. While it was being built, the couple divorced and no work proceeded. The house has never been occupied--except by those whose current business we are not sure of.