Friday, December 21, 2007

local superhighway


My neighbors on the hill assure me that our property is a major superhighway for wildlife. That came as a suprise to me because I rarely, if ever, see animals in our yard. But tracks don't lie and there are plenty of them after a fresh snowfall.

Bunny tracks are easy to spot. These were made by deer and are visible out of our office window. Another main artery of travel is visible from my upstairs studio. I'm up there all day long with large windows uncovered. Why don't I see the deer?

Perhaps they make their commute early in the morning when I'm still groggy.

The interesting thing is that these tracks appeared shortly after the last snowfall and I checked them every day after that and the pattern remained static. There were no further passages in the following days.

Learning how to read animal tracks and trails sounds like a very interesting subject to investigate. Can you read tracks?


Donna said...

I know deer tracks, rabbit tracks, mouse tracks and possum tracks (because of the tail dragging). That's about it for me.

Mountain Dweller said...

Reading tracks here seems to be a way of life. Whenever we go for a walk everyone seems to have their eyes pinned to the ground looking for the latest wildboar or roe deer "highway".

pablo said...

I've noticed that deer tracks at Roundrock nearly always follow the same path. Bunnies tend to forage.

I can read books and captions on foreign films, but I don't see enuf tracks to get any experience reading them.

lesle said...

Zanne, thank you for the past year's pleasure in reading your blog!

Merry Christmas!

karl said...

happy holidays