Wednesday, December 26, 2007

winter crypt


We visited this site before but with a fresh cover of snow it looks quite different. This lies directly across the roadway from an old farmstead. The farmhouse has been torn down in the last couple of years but the outbuilding remain and it's a retail feed supply store that sells vegetables and pumpkins in season.

At one time the very busy state highway was just a country road. The crypt is carved into a low hillside that was once a railbed. Just on the other side of the crypt and hillside are million dollar homes including one so large that the first time I saw it I thought it was a public building - a library maybe. Yes, that large.


srp said...

I do so miss the snow. As always, your pictures have so much to see in them. Happy Christmas and a most wonderful New Year to you and yours!

pablo said...

I suppose when such a crypt is made it is believed to be eternal. Less than a century, though, and this crypt is encroached by McMansions and development the interred could never had conceived in their lives.

Sad in a way, but silly too.

Zanne said...

srp - thanks for visiting. Hope your holiday was great.

Pablo - "Silly" is a word that has never entered my mind, but it's perfect. It is silly to see these juxtapositions. I've thought about doing a project called "North/South & East/West". All around the area there are beautiful old farmsteads with huge mansions directly across the road. It's as if someone drew a line between the past and the present.