Thursday, July 13, 2006

brace roots

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Brace roots form at the bottom of a corn stalk. These roots will continue to grow, turn downwards and establish themselves in the soil. They help support the plant and scavenge top levels of soil for moisture and nutrients which are used during the plants reproductive stage.

Beyond that, they're very cool, and all thats left when a field has been harvested is a short dried stalk and the brace roots.


pablo said...

I remember being fascinated by these when I first saw them only a few years ago in a corn maze in rural Kansas.

srp said...

Great picture. So that is how the corn withstands those winds that sweep across the plains.

Jerry said...

I was up in northern Illinois this week. I laughed when I got to my friends town and said that I drove 5 hours and the view is still the same...corn.

Zanne said...

pablo - A corn maze is a favorite fall activity. Last fall it was ridiculous though. Because of the drought the corn was stunted, and even a child could see over the corn, which defeated the purpose of the maze. This year the corn is already very tall which means challenging mazes.

SRP - Yes, that and the fact that huddle really close together!

Jerry - The joke is: There are two fields between Chicago and Kentucky - one is corn and one is soybean.

Zebigleb said...

Oh ! Interresting I've never noticed that before !

Have a nice day


Tim Rice said...

As a child, I was always fascinated by the roots you described here.

Anonymous said...

Oh....that is what it is! I thought I transplanted my corn to shallow.