Sunday, July 16, 2006


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Nothing to do in this heat but duck quickly into the cornfield and take some photos. No extended picture taking excursions this weekend.

The heat actually helps to produce a good corn crop. The corn needs moisture and heat to develop properly. It in the state of reproduction now. The silk is luxuriant and spouting like fountains from the top of the husk. The pollen grains are falling everywhere and you can see one sitting on the leaf. It's the rod shaped structure.


Tim Rice said...

Oh, Zanne, you are making me recall my days growing up on the home farm.

KatKit13 said...

I never realized corn silk was so hairy or fuzzy, but I guess it makes sense. It does tend to stick to everything!

I love this closeup shot.

srp said...

The silks are a lot like cat hair, sticks to everything and hard to get rid of. Oh but the sweet corn is worth it.

Ron said...

Excellent shot

pablo said...

I'm told that there is one strand of silk for each kernel of corn on the cob. I wonder if this is true. Could you do a count for me?